Are you an animal lover? Do you love cars? We think both go together wonderfully, especially previously loved animals and pre-owned cars. That’s why we’re donating $25 to local animal rescue and pet adoption agencies in our area for every pre-owned car sold at Acura of Berlin.


There are several great pet adoption services and shelter agencies in our area that work very hard to help previously loved pets find wonderful homes such as Kenya’s Cause and Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, and Thank Dog Rescue and Bandit’s Place Animal Rescue, which operate throughout the state. Some have even been helping save animals’ lives for more than a hundred years like the Meriden Humane Society, which was established in 1893.


And you’ll get twice the satisfaction and benefit when you buy a pre-owned car from your Manchester, CT area Acura dealers here at Acura of Berlin. You’ll be helping shelter animals and rescue animals find loving new homes and you’ll enjoy all the amazing benefits of driving a pre-owned car.


There are lots of great reasons to buy a pre-owned Acura car. Perhaps the biggest reason is the added value you’ll get. You see, every brand new car experiences depreciation in its value. But you can take advantage of depreciation when you get a pre-owned car. Your dollar goes farther, so you can opt for an upgraded model or added features and amenities for a reduced price compared to the cost of a new car. Additionally, Acura cars are dependable and reliable, so you can feel confident that you’ll enjoy your pre-owned Acura car for a long time to come. And as an added bonus, when you get a certified pre-owned Acura model, perhaps a model such as a certified pre-owned Acura MDX, you’ll also get the backing of a thorough 182-point vehicle inspection and certification process, and warranty coverage, roadside assistance, and concierge services.


If you’re interested in previously loved, pre-owned Acura cars in Berlin, CT, be sure to stop in to check out our inventory. And if you’d like to help give a previously loved pet a wonderful new home be sure to contact or visit our local pet shelters and adoption agencies.