One of the most enjoyable aspects of springtime is opening up your house and letting some fresh air in after a long and dreary winter. So to go along with the long awaited fresh air we often give our homes a good freshening up with some much needed spring cleaning. Your car needs a good freshening up as well after a long winter of battling the snow and ice, road salt, and other debris. And we’re here to help you give your car a spring refresh here at Acura of Berlin!


The first order of business in giving your Acura car a nice spring refresh is to do the same thing you do inside your home — clean. The weather is nice and pleasant with sun shining and warm breezes blowing, which means it’s ideal weather for a car wash. You can wash your car yourself or take it to a car wash establishment. And after it’s washed and sparkling clean you can enjoy its beauty and style once again.


Your car’s interior needs cleaning too. Models like the 2017 Acura MDX from our Berlin, CT Acura dealership offer tons of space for passengers and gear — and lots of places to toss mittens and hats, toys and stuffed animals, and wrappers and refuse. Get out your vacuum cleaner and take care of any debris that may have accumulated on the floors and in the seats over the long winter, like gravel, dirt, or chunks of road salt, and grab a garbage bag to throw wrappers or other refuse from stops at your favorite fast food restaurant. Just don’t throw out your child’s favorite stuffed toy.


Then be sure to bring your Acura car in to our service department for important and necessary maintenance and service this time of year, like inspecting your brakes, wheels, and tires, and checking out A/C and electrical systems. We’ll also change the oil and replenish coolants and other fluids if necessary. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on windshield wipers — we can change those too if needed.


So if you’re wondering, “Where can I find Acura service near me?” the answer is right here at Acura of Berlin in our service department staffed by the best in the business. Bring your Acura MDX or other Acura model in today for a spring refresh! Whether you need a tire rotation or all new tires, a quick top-off on windshield wiper fluid or replenished coolant fluid, or even new brake pads and rotors, we can do it all. So bring your Acura car in today, then get out there and onto the road, open up the windows, and enjoy the season!