If you want a new Acura car, visit Acura of Berlin to check out the latest Acura models. When you arrive, you’ll be breathless with anticipation as you view our luxury cars and imagine yourself behind the wheel of one. Our new car inventory often takes drivers’ breath away because our selection of Acura cars includes so many eye-catching models.

While you may be excited to shop for a premium vehicle like the 2018 Acura ILX or a 2019 Acura MDX, it’s important for you to stay focused during your buying journey. If you let yourself be distracted by some car buying myths, it can end up making the buying process less enjoyable than it should be.

One myth that can detract from the car buying process is the notion that you shouldn’t tell your salesperson that you want to trade in your current vehicle until you settle on a price for another automobile. Your salesperson needs to know your intentions at the start of your negotiations, especially if you’re going to use the proceeds you get from your current automobile as a down payment on a different car.

Having been Acura dealers in CT for years, we can tell you that there are plenty of other myths you should ignore. One of them is the idea that purchasing a red car will increase your car insurance premium.

When you visit our Acura dealership near New Britain, CT, you’ll see that our vehicles are available in an eye-pleasing array of colors. No matter what color a car is – red, green, blue, black, or another shade – it won’t impact the amount you pay for auto insurance.

If you’re ready to block out distracting car buying myths and purchase the Acura automobile of your choice, visit Acura of Berlin today.