Every pre-owned and new Acura car on the showroom floor and lot at Acura of Berlin is manufactured with close attention to detail and created with only high quality luxury Acura parts. Although Acura cars are known to last for generations, it is still important to extend the longevity of your vehicle via proper care. One of the most important parts of your vehicle is your battery. Without your battery, your vehicle would be rendered useless, as it wouldn’t even have the power to turn on. At our Berlin dealership, you will be able to get your battery replaced or checked if needed, and our expert service technicians can also give you tips on how to take care of your battery.

Make Sure Your Battery Is Properly Fitted

You will want to make sure your battery is properly fitted inside of your vehicle because a loose-fitting battery can move around while you are driving and cause damage that will ultimately result in needing a replacement.

Clean Corrosion Build-Up

As the winter elements tend to cause parts in your vehicle to corrode faster, another task that you will want to do after the season ends is to clean the corrosion from around your battery. Allowing corrosion and dirt to pile up can result a battery that is susceptible to stalling or dying.

Always Conserve Power

You will want to conserve power from your battery by ensuring that all lights are off and that the radio or any other battery-powered operation is off when the vehicle’s engine is not also on. Doing so can cause your battery to drain faster and the life expectancy of it to lessen exponentially.

Bring Your Battery In For Checks

If you suspect your battery may need a replacement or if it is hasn’t been checked in a while then you will want to bring your vehicle into our Acura dealership in CT for it to be checked by one of our friendly service technicians.